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Cyber security is an essential investment for all businesses operating in the 21st century.

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Cyber Security Cambridge 

At Evolve Technologies, we take cyber security seriously. To say that it is a necessary precaution for your business is an understatement, and unfortunately many businesses still do not invest properly in their cyber security. As a Cambridge-based business, it’s highly likely that you use technology in some way, whether that be computers in your office, laptop for remote working, or even mobile phones. In order to keep your business, colleagues, and customers safe, it’s extremely important to have strong cyber security protection in place to mitigate the chances of cyber attacks from occurring.

Why Cyber Security in Cambridge Matters

We’re all familiar with antivirus software that’s installed on our home computers. It stops malware and viruses from infecting our systems and potentially stealing or manipulating personal and financial data. This is a basic cyber security precaution that we’re all aware of, but as technology has improved and we’ve more heavily relied on IT, so have the ways that digital attackers could do us harm. For example, if you have a website, it will likely rely on various plugins to function properly. However, if these plugins aren’t regularly reviewed, they might end up containing malware that could ruin your website.

The above is just one example. As part of our free cyber security audit in Cambridge, we’ll look at all of your IT systems and perform a thorough analysis of your current protection. We’ll investigate potential malware, perform penetration tests, audit your website, assess email security, and so much more. Once this is complete, we’ll put together a list of essential and recommended cyber security measures and provide you with a quote for us to carry out the work. All of our quotes are extremely cost-effective, bespoke for each business, and transparently priced.

Cyber Security From Evolve Technologies

You can’t put a price on safety or peace of mind. At Evolve, we care about the safety of businesses, which is why we’re so happy to offer a free audit to all of our customers. We’ll come out to your business in Cambridge, get to know you, and provide a fantastic service at a great price. To speak with our Cambridge team, please call them on 01223949509 or fill in an online contact form and we’ll be in touch!

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